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What laws protect endangered trees in India? And why is this being ignored In Auroville India?

(Auroville, India) The Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 is a comprehensive legislation that provides for the protection of wildlife and biodiversity in India. The Act aims to control poaching, hunting, trade, and other forms of exploitation of wild animals and plants.

The Act provides for strict punishments for violation of its provisions, including imprisonment and fines. It also allows for forfeiture of any equipment, vehicle, or weapon that is used for committing wildlife offenses.

Regarding Red Sandalwood, the cultivation of the species was prohibited until 2002.

Today, it is allowed to grow trees, but it is not permitted to harvest and sell its wood without the approval of the state forest agency.

This approval comes in the form of a license, which allows for the tree to be chopped down and the Red Sandalwood to be purchased.

This system is in place to ensure that the harvesting of Red Sandalwood is done in a sustainable and responsible manner, without endangering the species or its habitat.

Auroville is full of Red Sandlewood trees that are currently being chopped down without the proper licenses or approval of the community. For more information click here.





Published by The Tube Thambi

Tube Thambi is an initiative consisting of YouTube professionals, in collaboration with Auroville Art Service, to organize, develop and strengthen Auroville's meta data on the web, starting with YouTube. ​We are also an educational platform for Auroville youth in the matters of Social Media, Algorithms, SEO, Digital Marketing, and Production. We hope to provide a path to Auroville Youth so they can move on to more technical work with other Auroville services. ​

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